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Certified Translations

When you have to submit translated documents to official authorities, you often need more than just a regular translation.

Certified or sworn translations are the work of professional translators who have taken an oath before the court. These certified translators sign and apply their stamp to the translation, the so-called "certification".

The translation can then be submitted to the registrar’s office at the court for a "court legalization".

Certified translations are often required for marriage certificates, birth certificates, residence certificates, diplomas or other official documents that have to be submitted to official authorities.

Certifiedtranslations.be entrusts both the translation and review of your sworn translation to certified professionals. We then apply our strict quality control measures to the sworn translation.

Do you have any documents that require a certified translation? You can use our easy calculator to receive an instant price and deadline for your certified translation, place your order and we will get started straight away!

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What our clients say

To complete my master's degree in Belgium, I had to have my UK diploma translated into Dutch. I used certifiedtranslations.be and I immediately knew when I was going to get my translation. Very satisfied with their service!


Erasmus Student

I needed a translation of my criminal record. I ordered the translation on certifiedtranslations.be and received the scan by email within a few days. Very fast and efficient!


Candian citizen living in Belgium