Birth certificate translation
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A translated birth certificate allows you to prove your identity. It’s an official document that you can use at different stages in your life. For example, you often need a birth certificate when you want to move to another country. It’s also required if you want to register your children or other family members with the local authorities.

The registrar draws up a birth certificate based on a declaration by the parents or guardian after the birth of a child. Sometimes a birth certificate is also referred to as a proof or declaration of birth. It specifies the place, day and time of birth, the sex of the child, the surname and given names, the place of residence and occupation of the parents and/or declarants and witnesses.

If you are considering moving abroad, for example, the authorities in your destination country will request a translation of your birth certificate.

You need a sworn translator for the translation of a birth certificate.

The birth certificate will be professionally translated by our sworn translators into the language of your choice, within the specified deadline. You can order your translation from the comfort of your home or office. The whole process is handled online and you will receive your sworn translation by post upon completion.

The most popular option is a birth certificate translation into Dutch or French. Since Dutch and French are two official languages in Belgium, you will need a sworn translation in one of these languages to have your document accepted in Belgium. 

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